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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the FAQs to find the answers to common questions. Can't find your question answered here? Contact us.

What is MUN?

MUN, also known as Model United Nations is a simulation where participants are supposed to debate upon recent world problems and find solutions upon them. Delegates are supposed to obey all the rules, debate with the help of moderated, semi-moderated and unmoderated caucuses. In General Assembly committees(such as DISEC,UNWOMEN,ICAO), they are going to be expected to write resolutions where they talk about what happened in the past with preambolatory clauses and their future plans via operative clauses. Directives in crisis committees will be written where delegates describe their plan(s) without a restricted writing style. Even though it’s a formal activity, it’s also a great place to have new friends and socialise!


What is dress code?

Dress code is restricted to formal clothing during the conference timeline and participants who don’t obey this rule will be warned with an official warning.


Is it an obligatory to attend all the sessions?

Our policy about absence is listed as below:
There will be no punishment for missing one session,
Delegates won’t be able to get any awards after being absent for two sessions,
Participants won’t be able to get their participation certificates after not participating for three sessions.

Which procedure will the conference be and how can I get prepared?

The conference will be in HARVARD Procedure. And you can prepare by reading study guides after they get released in our website doing researches about your committee’s agenda items and your country/character after you learn about your allocation.


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